Your Guide to Resistance - Zoom Indoor Cycling Huntsville, AL
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Your Guide to Resistance

Your Guide to Resistance

Have you ever wondered what our instructors mean when they say you should be feeling a certain “level” of resistance during class? Whether it’s a quick, fast road or a heavy, grueling climb…resistance is your friend (and let’s be real, sometimes your enemy!) here at Zoom. Resistance + Speed = Power!

Resistance is the key to your ride at Zoom and helps in efficiently burning hundreds of calories each and every class! Co-founder Cara Goodman explains the guidelines to our Zoom resistance scale below:

Levels 1-4: There is basically no resistance on the flywheel. During a ride at Zoom, a rider would never have their resistance this low, as it’s unsafe and could lead to injury.

Level 5: Your legs should move at a quick and controlled pace. You should feel as though you are riding into a strong head wind, and you could continue cycling for quite awhile.

Level 6: Your legs should feel as though they are climbing a light-to-moderate hill. You have to push the pedals harder, and it is more difficult to turn them. You will begin to feel some breathlessness.

Level 7: You should feel like you are pedaling through thick mud and a steep incline. You are experiencing a challenging uphill climb.

Level 8: You will feel like you are on a very steep hill. It is difficult to turn the pedals. Even more challenging to breathe!

Levels 9-10: You are at the steepest part of a hill and it might seem nearly impossible to turn the pedals over. But you got this!

If you ever have any questions about resistance levels or how you can improve your ride, our friendly and knowledgeable instructors are always available to help out!

Written by: Cara Goodman, Zoom Indoor Cycling Co-Founder